• Odometer repair kits

    Gears and repair kits
    for odometers

    We manufacture odometer repair kits for virtually all electromechanic odometer types.
    If you don't find what you need, just tell us, and we will manufacture the part for you!


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  • Quick shipping from stock

    Most of our items are kept in stock, so we can ship to our customers immediately.

  • Any parts you need

    Do you need something you don't see in our store? Just tell us, and we will do our best to manufacture for you! Even a single piece!

  • Reliable service

    We work very hard to achieve your satisfaction

Custom 3D printed plastic parts

We replace anything that is weak or broken

We specialise to replace underdesigned, weak, worn or even broken plastic parts with new, better 3D printed ones.

You can give us drawings, CAD plans, photographs, or send us physical samples (even broken) and we will reconstruct the part for you. We can even improve the original design to make it better than it was before.